About Us

About Us

PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live™) offers a full suite of video solutions for promoters and concert producers, media companies, brands and enterprise clients. Our technology enables our clients to bring live events, linear channels, SVOD, TVOD and video on demand(VOD) content to Internet connected devices such as STBs, Connected TVs, Tablets and Smartphones anywhere in the world.

PPV Live is committed to become the leading global PPV provider of multi-platform video distribution services, helping to bring the most innovative, advanced services into consumers’ homes and onto their connected devices. We work with promoters and concert producing customers at all stages with our video service and cloud base distribution deployment – whether new to video or fully mature leveraging our cloud-based distribution platform to more easily and quickly meet market demands for content anytime, on any device and to monetize opportunity, everywhere it exists and anywhere it emerges.

If your goal is to acquire, manage and deliver the best possible content lineup to your subscribers, or to find new ways to take your products to market.

Although there have been Live Stream events in the past, online Internet channels stream linear TV channels, and VOD services like Netflix, the platform PPV Live is using for the “Foreigner, Alice Cooper and Lauryn Hill” Live Event Concerts is just the beginning of a full OTT offering that will make all three available to OTT TVE Internet audiences around the world. The combination of on-going Live Event Concerts + Linear TV channels + a VOD library of content will be made available for the first time in 2010 as a part of the launching of the subscription service. The over-the-top (OTT) video world-wide deployment is being provided with Akamai, the world’s largest Content Delivery Network (CDN). The TV Everywhere experience (TVE) will even offer native apps for iOS and Android devices with adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming.

PPV Live Platform

A result of the pay-per-view distribution, cable systems and satellite providers will be running the provided 30-second digital promo on their barker channel and in cross-channel positions, i.e. CNN, ABC, CBS, MTV, BET, REVOLT, AWE, BOUNCE etc. Since there are nearly 2,000 systems, not including the satellite and telephony platforms, it has been estimated that this promotion will result in over 400,000 runs during the course of the promotion, nation-wide and in Canada. Also increasing during the live streaming of the event.

Interstitial runs, which occur before and after other events, are often originated from the networks. This gives us increased visibility from existing PPV buyers. Please note that to actually meet these estimated numbers marketing and advertisement must play a key part.