About Us

Pay Per View Live Events is committed to become the leading global provider of live streaming/closed circuit televised broadcasting events for promoter's and concert producers on multi-platform video services, helping to bring the most innovative, advanced services into consumers’ homes and onto their connected devices. We work with promoters and concert producing customers at all stages with our video service and cloud base distribution deployment – whether new to video or fully mature leveraging our cloud-based distribution platform to more easily and quickly meet market demands for content anytime, on any device and to monetize opportunity, everywhere it exists and anywhere it emerges.

Enabling Cloud Video

For Live, Linear Channels, And Vod Content

PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live) offers a full suite of video solutions for media companies, brands and enterprise clients.

Online Video Platform

Cloud Playback Multichannel Service

The PayPerViewLiveEvents Online Video Platform (OVP) is a cloud-based service that makes it incredibly easy to transmit.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Our favorite part of PPV Live (PayperViewLiveEvents) partnership is that it actually brings the needed live streaming & live TV production for broadcasting distribution to our concerts, very efficiently, bringing potential revenue from multiple streams.

  • PPV Live (PayperViewLiveEvents) live & vod content information management allows us to measure engagement with customers, and with reports in Salesforce. Business development reps can see who is engaging with video content, which allows them to prioritize follow-up. If they aren’t calling the right people, they won’t be successful.

  • As we transform into a leading digital company looking to revolutionize the digital content industry, we needed an easy-to-implement and comprehensive solution that works flawlessly with Salesforce to increase sales productivity and success. PPV Live (PayperViewLiveEvents) turn-key system will be critical in reaching this goal.