The Internet of Things (IoT) is getting increased attention from Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Cox Communications. The two MSOs each have their own large scale IoT projects running, suggesting growing momentum for a move into a new business services mar

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Comcast's project, machineQ, is a scalable IoT network service and platform that uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology to build enterprise-grade solutions for businesses and municipal organizations. The service is deployed using the globally adopted LoRaWAN protocol. machineQ began in 2016 as trials in Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago. In 2017, the company began rolling out the LoRa-based service to businesses and municipalities in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, Minneapolis, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

"IoT solution providers are seeking secure, reliable and highly scalable network connectivity, device management capabilities, and new IoT microservices, like geo-location, to speed their time-to-market, and our new customers have chosen machineQ because it can be deployed across a wide range of different enterprise use cases," said Alex Khorram, general manager of machineQ. "We want IoT solution providers to know that we can handle their network needs, so they can focus on bringing their innovative solutions to market to the benefit of their end users."

machine recently signed several new customers who develop solutions for asset tracking, geo-location, water infrastructure, facilities management and pest control: Adveez, CareBand, Neptune, Pansofik and Victor. In addition, machineQ is providing LoRaWAN-based wireless connectivity for other solution providers that serve a range of industries, including agriculture, energy, retail, smart cities and others.


The Cox project, announced today, is Cox2M, a connected asset services business line intended to give businesses and cities the data and tools they need to improve processes and operational efficiencies. Cox2M was incubated in Cox's New Growth organization over the last two years and is led by Cox Communications Executive Director Barak Weinisman.

Cox2M solutions provide a turnkey ability to monitor and track commercial assets, enabling customers to connect nearly any asset, anywhere: inventory, equipment or infrastructure, everything from cars to power lines. Customers can monitor the location, condition and status of their assets and receive real-time intelligence and notifications of any issues.

Cox2M provides sensors that collect data from a variety of connected assets and enable organizations to track, monitor and manage those mobile and fixed assets. The platform bundles connectivity, hardware and software into one package. Cox2M is an open solution designed to integrate into an organization's existing systems and processes. The solution includes analytics and machine learning capabilities to provide real-time customer insights to inform business and operational decisions.

Custom asset management solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of multiple industries, including transportation and fleet management, cities and campuses, energy companies and utilities, agriculture, retail and real estate.

"Cox connects millions of people and businesses today, and we're constantly thinking about how to deliver powerful new outcomes through that experience," said Sujata Gosalia, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Cox Communications. "With Cox2M, we will play an even more significant role in supporting the smart businesses and smart cities of the future."

Cox Automotive is an early adopter of Cox2M Connected Asset Services. Manheim is using a custom Cox2M application that delivers real-time tracking of vehicles across auction lots. The solution was piloted last year and will now be implemented across the United States and Canada to connect more than 500,000 vehicles. This is currently the largest LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) commercial IoT deployment in North America, Cox says.

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